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fruviad August 6, 2021 13:40

Inscribing a map square?
I'm assuming this isn't possible, but maybe it's one of those things that's in the game which I've never stumbled across?

Is there a way to annotate a remote square on a map?

For example: I cast "Reveal Monsters" and detect a creature that I wish to approach cautiously or avoid entirely, but which isn't detected by telepathy.

It would be really handy to be able to add a note to that square on the map in the same way that I can add an inscription to an item.

The resulting inscription on the square would be visible on the map and a reminder to me after I've wandered to the far side of the level, paused my game overnight, and then sat down at the keyboard again.

The closest analog that I can think of is Rune of Protection, which affects a square non-destructively, albeit not remotely.

Werbaer August 6, 2021 15:00


Originally Posted by fruviad (Post 154713)
Is there a way to annotate a remote square on a map?

Not directly.
But you can inscribe an item accordingly, and drop it in the space where you cast your detection spell.
Later, when you look around the map, you'll notice "A Potion of Resist Poison {Drolem at 21N 14E}".

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