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StMicah August 23, 2021 01:54

A Priest, Rabbi, and Bhikkhu Walk into Angband
Hey folks, looking for some guidance...

Assuming @ makes it far enough, what should I be doing for the priest's endgame. OoD and Spear of Orome...are they my end game damage or should I be looking for a stylish mace of destruction, or something else?

Any pointers for priest play. So far, I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Too much OoD spamming.

Oh, and here's my character so far.

Estie August 23, 2021 05:21

OoD spam is the best spam. Are you using key maps for that ? One for targeting the next thing and casting OoD, another for casting OoD on current target (with "use old target by default" checked in options):

*tm2a and m2a, and book 2 inscribed with @m2.

With that kind of setup (I have those keys mapped to F1 and F2, respectively) you can breeze through the midgame.

While it is possible to even kill M with OoD, its painfully slow; for the quick and dirty way to finish your game, get a better ring of speed, a ring of con and some good ammo, acid branded and evil slaying. Oh and/or a nice stack of wands of annihilation. Thats about all it really takes.

If you get lucky and find a good weapon of whack, melee on a rune of protection is also great, but for that you want some more boxes checked: str/dex for max blows, sustains, also higher level for more hit points and hit rating.

Noarmally you get the archery setup ready before a satisfactory melee setup is achieved; but go down and clear a deep vault or three, and see what you find. Good luck!

StMicah August 23, 2021 16:54

Urgh. Well, I expected as much. Hope to get lucky, then. Otherwise, it'll be a long, drawn-out battle. I'm running forced down and am currently on dl78. Let's see what I have if/when I get to the final two.

[edit:] And, I do use inscriptions. Haven't tried keymaps on recent plays as I'm using a macbook keyboard and would have to push nearly as many buttons. I am a big fan of "n".

Pete Mack August 23, 2021 19:19

Good weapons are pretty common deep in the dungeon--and not just artifacts. MoD (HA) is a phenomenal priest's weapon. And it is pretty common--there are only 3 possible ego types once you get deep enough: HA, Gondolin, and +attacks.

StMicah August 23, 2021 20:24

Well, I screwed up and killed the character trying to crack a vault that seemed to have some good loot. Spammed keys and didn't get the last character dump.

And thanks for the pointers about weapons, I think I had a good weapon for the last two stages. It had me doing 350ish against evil and no resist to acid.

the Lead-Filled Mace 'Sialmarwe' (12d3) (+11,+28) <+2, +3, +1>
A heavy war club topped with a mass of lead-filled steel, capable of landing
crushing blows.

+2 strength.
+3 intelligence.
+3 wisdom.
+2 dexterity.
+2 tunneling.
+1 speed.
+1 light.
Slays dragons (powerfully), demons, trolls, orcs, evil creatures.
Branded with weak acid.
Provides immunity to Acid.
Provides resistance to Cold, Light, Dark.
Provides protection from confusion.
Cannot be harmed by Acid, Fire.
Sustains wisdom.
Slows your metabolism. Feather Falling. Grants the ability to see invisible
things. Aggravates creatures nearby.

When activated, it hastens you for d75+75 turns.
Takes 106 to 130 turns to recharge.
Your chance of success is 93.7%

Min Level 71, Max Level 127, Generation chance 1, Power 580, 16.2 lbs
Random hafted of power 580.

Nick August 23, 2021 23:54


Originally Posted by StMicah (Post 154910)
the Lead-Filled Mace 'Sialmarwe' (12d3) (+11,+28) <+2, +3, +1>

At my first glance my brain translated that into 'Slamware', which is a pretty fine name for a mace :)

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