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Zambaku January 4, 2008 23:38

Angband - What to choose?
I liked ''Vanilla'' Angband alot, mostly because of the 32x32 tiles that made it easy for me who is not used to ASCII to figure out what everything was. However, the basic races and classes was a little dull after a while.

I also liked the latest version of Zangband, the wilderness and neighbouring towns was a welcome feature, and the new races and classes made it all so much more fun, the 16x16 tiles was the only thing I did not like, the ground tile was a nightmare 'cause some monstere looked invisible and was very hard to track, like the kobolt for example.

So, what I am looking for is basically something like Zangband, with lots of exciting races and classes and preferably a wilderness, with bigger\clearer tiles.

Nick January 5, 2008 01:30

OK, I often recommend FAangband to people, but this time it might actually be justified. It has more races (and different starting places for them) and classes than vanilla (but maybe less than Z). It also has the 32x32 tiles, and moreover a menu in the windows port (which I believe you will be playing) for putting tiles to bigger sizes.

Other you might try include UnAngband, ToME and Furyband, but they have the disadvantage of not being my variant :)

Zambaku January 5, 2008 11:29

Thanks for the tips.^^

Zambaku January 5, 2008 12:56

I came across Omniband that contained both AngbandTK and ZAngbandTK, and it had what I was looking for, however something is not right, when I push the one of the arrows to walk in a direction he practically flies around 10 tiles before stopping, anything I can do to fix this?

Mondkalb January 5, 2008 13:35

Use the number keys instead.

Zambaku January 5, 2008 14:02

Same thing, he runs with the numpad aswell.

xxitheworld February 2, 2008 00:03

It's because you have running activated, if pressing numpad has you running, press numlock to change it to step by step

And for variant suggestion, having played most of them, I would recommend hengband (Zangband with a few addons), especially if you have read Zelazny's books.

For ascii, you get used to it and eventually you get to prefer ASCII which is more precise and gives more information that sprites

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