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will_asher August 8, 2009 06:11

The 'cause I feel like it' thread
If I feel like making an odd comment about my current game (usually in DaJangband), I'll put it here. similar to a couple other threads people have made for themselves.

I mentioned that I've added roaming monsters to DaJAngband -monsters which aren't asleep before they've noticed you. They walk around to a random destination until they notice you. Anyway, an alleycat just walked right by me without noticing me. My stealth isn't extremely high. I'm a dunadan priest in the early game (stealth of 5). I've been testing this feature for awhile now and most times monsters will notice you when they get that close. I just thought it was funny that it didn't notice me and then I went to look for it later and took a minute to find it because alleycats also have high stealth.

will_asher August 13, 2009 23:19

I had been planning on making my first game to dl20 into my next wizard mode game for testing the deeper levels (making a copy of the savefile and turning the copy into wizard mode after the first one dies). I had also planned on doing my next wizard mode game with a priest, but I guess I still haven't trained myself to run away enough so I don't do as well with the primary caster classes. I played several games with a priest and kept dying around dl15. Then I wanted to play another class.
EDIT: Just realized I don't want to use this game for my next wizard mode game anyway because randarts are turned off.

I chose rogue because I wanted to compare the difficultly level of DaJAngband with Vanilla and my recent game of vanilla was with a rogue. So far, the difficulty level seems about even compared to vanilla, not significantly harder or easier (which is pretty much what I intended although I wouldn't mind it being slightly easier than vanilla), but it has more flavor than vanilla so the early levels are still interesting.

Still figuring out how to balance throwing weapons so that people will use them. I think I have it pretty good at this point, but throwing weapons are still kindof weak if you don't have gauntlets of throwing. But having a quiver helps too, so you can use ego throwing weapons as well as a bow and not be taking up a bunch of inventory space.
I want to get some recent changes tested a little more and then I'll release 1.0.99.

will_asher October 23, 2009 23:48

A greater vault at dl11!
It looks like the only real tough monster in it (within detection range) is a night mare. ..and me with no possible way of getting into it.


Dark Elf                                                                       
ooooJhAFiodd  g vZZ.lFrx?Bpp  d S
Bowman                                  oooo@OgOoooooZoZZopoooopp  j
LEVEL    17                            oooooOoooooooooopRoooooopp  n @ i
NXT      375                            ooooooo  oo  pwo        ooooooy    p 
AU      3510                            ogOjoo  o mooo  pToooooC
|}= "~(()]]]                            qqqo            poo      oooo      j
STR:  18/20                              qq  C  C    @o ooookk  oo  C@o
INT:      18                            d      SiO,iOdoooooyuj    ywX,
WIS:      7                            opoCCCSASpw  CCCoookfChCSw
DEX:  18/20                            ppopoC        CCCCkkkkk  cCCCCCfIoo
CON:      16                                                                   
CHR:      9                                                                   
Cur AC    44                                                                   
HP  144/ 144                                                                   
SP  1820                                                                   
Slime      3                                                                   
Full                                                            Study  Lev 11 

For awhile I waited for monsters to spawn to see if I could get a wand of stone to mud or wonder in a drop, but I didn't get any. Once, a rock mole spawned (has KILL_WALL) and I tried to get it in position to open the vault but I accidently killed it. Eventually, I had to recall cause I ran out of food.
For some reason, I didn't even think about detecting objects to see what loot I missed.

will_asher January 8, 2010 06:49

On dl78, I just saw Shagrat and Gorbag in the same lesser vault each with a small group of escorts. Now I want to toss them a mithril coat and watch them kill each other off just like in the tower of Cirith Ungol.

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