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dhegler May 21, 2010 16:24

New spell / skill
In the same terms on infravision, what if there were an infravision for traps? Rogues would get that skill (like dwarves see gold), and it would make for an interesting spell - Orb of Detection. The duration can change per clvl so when you get a stronger mage/priest/etc you don't have to keep casting detect traps so repetitively...

As an extension, orb of mapping, orb of monster detection, etc...


EpicMan May 21, 2010 16:38

Perception does this to some extent (along with spotting hidden doors), albeit so pathetically you can't rely on it, certainly not before you get to the point of always having detect traps available.

There is a post in the Variants forum about removing detection magic/effects and relying on imperfect detection methods, such as perception and searching. Of course, they would have to be improved somewhat so that they could be viable.

dhegler May 21, 2010 21:14

I guess my idea would be to extend several versions of telepathy - for doors, traps, even walls, etc using different spells or skills.

Hariolor May 21, 2010 21:36

This sounds reminiscent of the current Dwarven ability to identify treasure within walls.

It would be cooler - and more useful - if dwarves instead mapped a portion of the map around them as they walked. Tunnelsense or some such...

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