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Antoine June 14, 2013 11:29

Antoine, vaporwareing
This post (which I will edit over time) describes the hypothetical V fork I would make... if I knew how to make a V fork, if I had time to make a V fork.

I'm not in the V devteam so please don't fear that any of these changes will actually happen.

There's no guiding principles or overall design, it's just a bunch of unrelated stuff I'd like to do.


I'd like to move to a system where different character activities made different amounts of noise and woke monsters up at different rates. In particular, having a brutal battle right next to a sleeping monster would tend to wake it up.

I'd also like to add a backstab bonus when attacking a sleeping monster, allow mobs to go back to sleep if they don't see you for a while, and perhaps make some mobs wander around the dungeon even before they sense you (like in Sil).

Carrying a dimmer light should make you more stealthy. Casting the 'light' spell should wake up monsters in the room (duh).

Status effects

The @ should get more mileage out of sleep/confuse type attacks.


I'd like to detach running speed from combat/casting speed (

Some items and abilities that currently enhance speed could be downgraded to enhance running only.

Should high Dex (beyond a certain point) reduce the number of energy points used to attack, rather than increase the number of attacks?

Should extra shots launchers be less powerful (1.5 / 2 shots instead of 2 / 3)? Should crossbows do more damage but have a lower rate of fire?

Percentile resists

Speaks for itself. As a first cut, the percentile resists system could be designed to basically reproduce the current V system - but later I'd like to see it enhanced so that e.g. two sources of chaos resistance would be better than one.

Racial ESP

Wouldn't it be great if Slay Orc weapons let you sense orcs.

Spell stats

I'd like to implement a two-spell-stat system (

Normal (non-high) Elves, by the way, might be looking quite viable at this point - with good Int and Wis, good running speed, and stealth. There might also be room for a Sprite type race - very weak but great running speed.

Dump stats

I'd like to make sure that there are adverse effects to having any low primary stat. For example, it doesn't feel right that an Int 4 half-troll can consistently read every scroll he finds first time.

Some class and race rebalancing might be needed.

New classes

perhaps some or all...

Sage - very weak combat, but can cast a selection of both mage and priest spells
Barbarian - illiterate warrior with a simple 'rage' mechanic. Probably some LoH. Gains bonuses for fighting multiple opponents in the open.
Artificer - generally weak character but can manufacture potions, scrolls, magic ammo, etc.
Archer - like ranger without spells?
Thief - like extra stealthy rogue, with super backstab bonus and extra shots with sling. Gains XP from picking up treasure.
Warder - warrior with stun resistance and a few defensive priest spells. Keystone spells allow him to gain AC, damage reduction and/or saving throw bonuses as long as he stands still.
Zealot - like a paladin, but cannot backstab and gains no XP from fighting non-evil mobs. (Not everyone would choose this class, I know.)

Dungeon size

60 floors is heaps.


It's about time V got some new monsters, in order to keep people on their toes. The main constraint is that they need to use existing tiles. I'd be inclined to ditch some of the more boring existing mobs and use their tiles to depict new mobs. Some new spells/abilities needed to jazz them up also.

In particular, the list of uniques needs some attention. There are too many orcs, too many early melee uniques.

Where possible, I'd like to "Tolkienise" mobs (i.e. Atlas -> Gilim?) Ideally add a "Tolkien monsters only" birth option.

I'd like to implement "slightly smart mobs" (

I'd also like to add some group dynamics (mobs appearing together, and their summons, tend to stay together in a group - if you wake up one, you wake up all).

I also approve of monsters casting spells (such as 'create traps') while the @ is out of sight.

Morgoth needs some love - I get the impression that some players use LOS tactics to kill him without giving him a chance to shoot back - this needs to be addressed somehow.


Should do more damage per turn, if you are badly poisoned (but less instantaneous damage, to compensate).

(To be continued)

Hajo June 14, 2013 13:56

Poison also includes the question, how different poison effects mix. I.e. what happens if you become poisoned newly while being poisoned.

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