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khyung April 23, 2016 17:08

Review V 4.0.5 vs V 4.0.4
After playing V 4.0.4 for two months and V 4.0.5 for two days, I noticed some welcomed changes.

1) Standard dungeons have be reduced in size but are more dense as announced. These reduced dungeons are no longer four times the size of caverns and labyrinths. Some levels are hybrids of dungeons and caverns.

2) Hidden rooms are now more common even in earlier dungeons. Digging through granite is now required sooner to access these hidden rooms without doors, and some hidden rooms are not even connected to the rest of the dungeon. Earlier dungeons now contain hidden small vaults.

3) Apparently !loss memories have been reinstated. So identification by use can result in losing a quarter of full experience.

takkaria April 23, 2016 18:06

Hi, I think you're a little confused - none of these changes are in 4.0.5. Dungeon generation hasn't been changed, the hidden rooms thing is just an idea for 4.1 and !LoseMemories has been in the game forever. The first link in your post describes all of the changes that have occurred in 4.0.5.

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