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icefyre January 12, 2020 07:04

just started using bloodlust as a blackguard and it makes my damage numbers go through the roof. can anyone tell me what else it does and any negative effects? I noticed some confusion but not sure if it was the bloodlust or the enemies i was fighting.


DavidMedley January 12, 2020 08:08

I also am curious.

Sky January 12, 2020 10:07

im sorry, it's a secret.

Diego Gonzalez January 12, 2020 12:35

Bloodlust combined with some item that increase attack speed is fantastic

Nick January 12, 2020 13:06

Positive effects are simple - extra to-dam and blows. There can be negative effects when hitting, or after killing a monster, or especially as bloodlust is running out, and confusion can be one of those. A couple of other low probability events too ;)

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