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Jay January 31, 2023 00:07

I have to question Carindore's personal hygiene if, long after his boots have become legendary, they can be used to initiate a poison gas attack.

the Pair of Leather Boots of Carindore [2,+20]
These are calf-high boots of flexible leather, laced from heel to calf.

Provides resistance to Dark.
Cannot be harmed by Acid, Fire.
Feather Falling. Speeds regeneration.

When activated, it fires a ball of poison gas with radius 3, dealing 12 damage
at the centre, which your device skill increases by 20% for an average of 14.4

Sky February 4, 2023 20:25


Originally Posted by PowerWyrm (Post 160101)
Remember that you can remove curses with scrolls, you should check what power these have to see if you can remove them.

you can remove the first 4, but cannot remove no_tele

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