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TauzentBlitz May 8, 2022 17:23

The description for Gluttonous Centipede is a bit mixed up. # of blows and %hp needed are swapped so having 1 card claims you have +95 blows per round if you have at least 1% hp remaining.

Cryomaniac May 8, 2022 17:40

Fixed; I missed how translating into English made the two numbers change places.

ster May 10, 2022 17:31

Hina has a lot of untranslated messages; reading protection from evil, *remove curse* and absorbing TY at least.

How long does it take for Unicorn to respawn when you destruct it on 127? Or does it just get teleported away like other quest uniques and nothing stops it coming back the turn after?

Cryomaniac May 10, 2022 17:49

Fixed untranslated messages; for now, I'm waiting for newer source code versions to get released (also, developer is planning to turn this into an actual variant).

From what I'm seeing about Unicorn, it respawns in a similar manner to dungeon guardians - once it goes away without being actually defeated, it will be spawned next time a monster gets naturally generated on the level.

ster May 11, 2022 02:36

I'm trying to test something about the final fight in wizard mode but J isn't showing up, what gives? Same with the other Chaos Territory bosses except for unicorn. Even killing Oberon doesn't seem to help.

e: Other, unrelated question: How would I go by getting a score on the japanese server? Is it just automated and I can copy my save over to the JP version and it'll just work?

Cryomaniac May 11, 2022 07:25

Not sure what's going on with the dungeon guardians; maybe you have to accept the Serpent quest as well.

Sending score to server works the same way as it does it base Hengband; if you open your save in JP version and re-save it, it should effectively be a JP version savefile. Keep in mind, though, that some content is still in English - at very least, that's name/backstory/message logs/randart names.

ster May 16, 2022 08:28

Yeah it worked after I >ed chaoszone when killing oberon. (And the fruit of my research was "no, you can't use komainu pedestal and instantly win the final boss that way").

Michael has mixed up messages; he throws hand grenades instead of resolving his thing.

Where's all the code for item card generation and (especially) trading? I'm looking for ways to try and force a couple cards (smelly fan, the dimension door cards, high tengu geta) to spawn and figure knowing how to trade properly is the best bet.

Finally, how does Fantasy Seal work? I play with a super low delay factor and never have seen what it properly does (i turn it down and then she doesn't use it...), but after getting hit for 500 by ~DL60 reimu I need to know what it's actually doing. Does it work like Call the Void and shoot balls in all 8 directions or like Trump Meteor/Wrath of God and target random positions?

Cryomaniac May 16, 2022 09:17

Item cards can be generated in 2 ways: Random items on dungeon level (uses the same logic as dungeon-specific 'souvenir' items like gemstones), or drops from unique monsters. The actual item card type gets picked in apply_magic_itemcard function (in new_class_power.c).

Item card trading logic should be somewhere in bldg/bldg2 files.

Reimu's Fantasy Seal: It fires multiple non-elemental balls at random targets in Reimu's line of sight; it's guaranteed to hit you at least once, but it might target some other monsters hostile to her as well. If you're the only target in sight, you get hit with all of them. More details in cast_musou_hu_in function in spells3.c. Also, she can't use it if she's orthogonally adjacent to a wall.

Newbie May 21, 2022 05:22

When I try to extract mana from items as Marisa I get a software bug that crashes the game.

Cryomaniac May 21, 2022 08:10

Should be fixed now; added a new release to Github project

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