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Nick June 7, 2022 22:51

Competition 246
Competition 246 is now up - it is a Hengband Touhou Katteban Mighty Celestial Magic-Knight with the Enchantment realm. Winner is fastest real-time game winner, ladder ordered by score (or that's the plan, anyway).

Cryomaniac June 9, 2022 21:31

If I've posted a post game over dump, can I upload further attempts in that competition? If yes, how do I make it so that the old dump won't get overwritten?

clouded June 9, 2022 22:11

There's a link under the comment box that says "protect dump from being overwritten"

Nick June 9, 2022 22:14

Also changing the character name will do it.

Cryomaniac June 12, 2022 22:02

Looks like winners still aren't being parsed properly; how does the server determine if a character dump is a winning one?

Nick June 16, 2022 08:57

So pav has updated the ladder to include score, and order by score. He's updated winner detection too, but that will only kick in for new dumps (and so is untested).

Cryomaniac June 16, 2022 09:37

Excellent! How are the winning dumps detected? If it's through looking for a message in character dump, I'll have to list some more unique winning/losing messages.

Nick June 16, 2022 22:07

I'm not sure what pav did - I pointed him at this post of yours.

Nick July 11, 2022 00:45

Congrats to clouded for winning (although the ladder doesn't show it).

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