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tangar May 22, 2020 19:16

PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 9

Server is running in debug mode, so we will be able to catch nasty crushes which we had recently :) Please test and report any problems in our discord:

tangar June 3, 2020 21:05


tangar June 19, 2020 18:15

New update under code name: 'Decard Coin':

And new version of PWMA incoming!

tangar June 22, 2020 06:15

PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 11

– Players now start with 70% satiation
– Fix not automatically learning curses after using curse weapon/armor
– Fix pickup menu not properly allowing to pickup items one by one
– Rework magic mapping/enlightenment to take into account custom walls
– Fix quick_floor option
– Prevent recalling on harmful terrain
– Make acquirement generate the item in the inventory (if pack is not full) if the floor around the character isn’t suitable for objects
– Use custom floor under a mimic when it is revealed or deleted
– Remove speed penalty from being Full when calculating food digestion rate to avoid double penalty
– Use to-hit skill instead of player level in critical calculation
– Add ‘line of sight’ through rock, improve PASS_WALL monster behaviour near permanent walls
– Fix critical bug that made wraithed players totally invisible to monsters
– Tightened code for unique generation
– Adjust targeting of STRIKE effect
– Improve consistency in element rune learning
– Fix plural of crow of Durthang
– Final tweaks to blackguard

This also concludes the porting of V4.2.1 features apart from the new dungeon level templates.

tangar June 26, 2020 20:59

Great update which improve loads of stuff!

PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 12

- Don't use custom floors when revealing a mimic in a mimic pit
- Don't use custom features that look like floor if they can't hold objects
- Update
- Replace NO_MONSTERS flag with NO_GENERATION, use it to also prevent objects from being generated
- Add custom number of stairs for dungeons
- Replace hardcoded QUIT_TIMEOUT with mangband.cfg server option
- Keep player active during disconnection timeout
- Add "ascii_mon" option to display monsters using ASCII symbols instead of tiles when using a tileset
- Small optimisation for resting
- Add sval validity check in parse_ego_item()
- Fix equipment curses

Server updated!
- Increased numbers of dungeon's stairs
- Disconnect time-out set on 3 seconds

To play multiplayer roguelike:

tangar July 4, 2020 07:58

Update -- Pixies!

tangar July 9, 2020 08:38

PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 13

– Slight tweak to gold drop rates at low level
– Don’t wipe townies at dawn if the number of townies is less than the max for that town
– Add message when using chargeable items from the ground
– Remove “wield” command from quick_floor option
– Stop Create Arrows creating special artifacts
– Fixed bug with food counter that stopped starvation when the counter hit 0 and caused the food indicator to disappear
– Fixed apparent issue with trampling of shape-changed monsters
– Fixed bugs with tracking of shape-changed monsters
– Don’t close VERSION_BETA servers if an object cannot be placed, but just discard the object
– Allow full home capacity on VERSION_BETA servers
– Don’t generate custom stores in the base town
– Give Bert, Bill and Tom the DROP_GREAT flag like all other dungeon bosses
– Add new terrain “training grounds” for the Target Dummy, fix its location to a random lot in the base town
– Fix ghostly powers for deceased warriors/unbelievers/monks

tangar July 12, 2020 19:10

PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 14

This release fixes a CRITICAL security bug that was present since forever.

– Add level_golds.txt to define gold drop rates instead of using a hardcoded table
– Don’t wipe items on the surface at dawn if there are players on the level
– Save player id counter + player names in a separate file
– Check saved password vs provided password when loading player savefile
– Don’t display Target Dummy in the list of uniques
– Don’t display pain/death message for Target Dummy
– Add message for projected damage if show_damage option is set
– Reveal mimics when using teleport other
– Remove duplicates from the player name database when loading player names
– Use new player id if player id already exists in the player name database when loading player savefile

tangar July 20, 2020 21:17

Tangaria (Multiplayer Online Roguelike) got an update of PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 15:

– Allow “fire at nearest” command to throw missiles when no launcher is equipped
– Allow quick_floor on wield if there is something to wield in the inventory
– Fix OPP_CONF timed effect not ending properly
– Move decrease_timeouts() before process_pending_commands() to make effects last the proper amount of turns
– Add HOUSE_FLOOR_SIZE server option to limit the size of object piles in houses

tangar July 31, 2020 07:55

Tangaria got an update to PWMAngband 1.4.0 beta 16:

– Make secret doors properly use custom wall features
– Fix throwing multiplier in calc_damage()
– Add time limit of 7 days on Expensive Black Market orders
– Increase house price a bit depending on the HOUSE_FLOOR_SIZE option
– Make ego torches more common

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