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TJA November 7, 2016 22:53

Roguelikes on iOS / iPhone / iPad
Now ...

I found "Rogue" for the iPhone and "Brogue" for the iPad.

Also iNethack and iNethack2.

In addition, there are lots of other roguelikes - sometimes realy based on Rogue / Hack parents, sometime just inspired by them.

What i could not find: Anything based on Moria / UMoria ... *bands!

Is this realy true?

Only old orginal Rogue clones and the Hack-Versions?
Nothing from *bands?


Patashu November 17, 2016 01:14

Hmm, it would be pretty tricky to play a *Band on iOS for me. There are lots of possible commands (some multi-key like casting spells), they all have to be done perfectly because a typo can lead to your death, and there's lots of information that needs to be on screen at once (a large viewing port, a list of monsters in view, etc). On iOS I'd rather play something with a simpler control scheme and amount of information required to play - Auro, Imbroglio, 868-HACK, Hoplite, Dream Quest, HyperRogue, ENYO, Arcane Tower, Guild of Dungeoneering, WazHack, Sproggiwood, DungeonRaid, I Keep having This Dream, Zaga-33, Road Not Taken, Pathos, Ending, etc.

Sky December 5, 2016 19:35

not exactly roguelike, but i did enjoy very much Andor's Trail.

Mondkalb June 12, 2018 10:59

I just discovered Runestone Keeper, available for various platforms.
Nice little dungeon crawler.

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