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joeljpa August 8, 2020 16:18

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I've done a quick play-through of the recent version.

I must admit I find myself quite confused wit this mouse feature. I tried it on various tiles and am not sure what those three keys under "1, 2" roughly do or how am I supposed to work with it...(attached screenshot)

The subwindow is working minimally, which is great by itself...given the precious screen real estate on a mobile screen. I tried tweaking the various settings font, columns and number of windows, and found that only the list creatures in view least intrusive and most useful. The rest cover too much of the screen since they just have too much text. This setup I've gotten comfortable with is also present in the screenshot.

I experimented trying to lay it horizontally but it seems that it rests at the bottom of the screen just above the keyboard rather than the top. No way to change the positioning...

So vertical seems to work well in a pinch, enabling more than one submenu cramp sup the screen way too much...but I guess that's expected.

Cuboideb August 8, 2020 18:40

The mouse addition is a wrapper for a existing functionality in Vanilla. 1 is "primary mouse button", 2 is "secondary". Shift, Alt and Ctrl are modifiers. Sorry for the lack of explanations. I will check the code of V to make a list with the meaning of every combination.

You are right, the subwindow view has the "too many text" problem. It works better in graphics mode.

Next in my to-do list is to give the player the chance to adjust the amount of rows and columns of the viewport. That way you can leave a black area to the right. You will have to use a smaller font because the minimum dimension is 80x24.

Cuboideb August 9, 2020 20:22


Originally Posted by tg122 (Post 146351)
Do you have any plans to ever port any Variants to Android as well? This is the best Mobile port of an ASCI roguelike I've ever seen and should be used as an example. I would love to see FAangband ported to Android someday (or FAangband 2 once Nick finishes it).

I have a branch with faangband2-beta. Once Nick and his team finish it I will upload it to the playstore.

For now it only supports text mode and it doesn't have the core hooks for the ribbon (the keys I need to show for menus and things like that).

tg122 August 10, 2020 07:21

This is fantastic news!!! Thank you for doing this!

joeljpa August 15, 2020 19:33

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Thanks for your advice, I've switched to tiles...I prefer ASCII but not that much when there are obvious practical advantages to ditching it. The subwindows work much better there and I even managed to put the maximum three subwindows. See? it works decently! I've been playing. Your disable subwindows in quick settings is useful when my char is at the extreme right of the map and I temporarily need a clearer view....nice.

One minor thing which was been a bit frustrating since the start: when I go to preferences, since I play in landscape, it switches back to potrait...can't the main settings too be forced to landscape?...It was especially harrowing while adjusting these subwindow's font and column and then going back to see if it looks okay ....back-and-forth, back-and-forth.

Regarding your mouse feature, I've tried it again. I've looked at how angband runs on desktop and the cursor interaction there. I really couldn't find any practical use for it for me in the app. Am I missing something or do you have any recommendations on how it would help me?

Cuboideb August 21, 2020 17:31

Version 1.25
-Added an advanced soft keyboard. It has only 2 pages, supports key resizing and custom keymaps actions. Includes an option for vertical layout. Ctrl sequences are activated by pressing the shift key for a second time..
-Added 2 variants, FrogComposband 7.1-salmiak and NPPAngband 0.4.1. Toggle is in Preferences. In a near future we will have FAangband 2.0.
-Each game Profile now has its own keymaps.
-Changed a couple of buttons in the ribbon. (Merged the shift and control modifiers into one button).
-Added a toogle in the Quick Setting to activate Running mode.
-Plenty of fixes and code refactoring.

joeljpa August 22, 2020 23:10

Excellent! Immediately resumed playing the same way after the update, didn't try your new keyboard yet.

I'm trying to stop myself from playing, too addictive. Being stuck at home with nothing better to do other than my work, can't help but be full time on the phone with this. Sometimes even slack off work heueheh. :D. Death (of my character) is the only answer. Then I tend to go away for a while in frustration ove the game only to return back. Repeat the cycle.

Thanks once again for maintaining this :)

Pete Mack September 11, 2020 03:14

more suggestions (playing on phone):
* Running UX. Add "toggle running" key to base (alphanumeric) keyboard and ribbon.
2. Ribbon usability. With transparency, I ended up using the full keyboard in hjkl (roguelike) mode rather than the ribbon, which really doesn't work in portrait mode. Maybe add another line for ribbon? Or make sure that modal choices hide main ribbon? (This is particularly bad for full inventory/home lists.)
* Intermittent bug messes up keyboard, apparently by enabling (otherwise nonexistent) shift-lock. Workaround: exit app and restart.
* In portrait mode, there is no reason to have different keyboard opacity in middle vs edges.
* Monster list obscures action in upper right corner (even hiding the @); this is especially annoying on labyrinth levels.

Darkhorde September 11, 2020 07:30

I'm a mobile player just started last night cant belive I have never heard of this even on a pc. Great job btw. I'm using a samsung 10 inch tablet and the game runs great and the layout isnt to hard to use.

Pete Mack September 21, 2020 02:51

'?' is not available from keyboard or ribbon commands.
')' is not available from keyboard.
Correction: toggle running is too inconvenient to use via the special menu. (I didn't even realize it was available until just now.)

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