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Diego Gonzalez March 1, 2020 16:27

Thanks for your reply and encouragement! You all have very good suggestions for this port.

This is my current todo list:

1. Add missing keys (vertical bar, backquote, escape in main keyboard)

2. Add visual markers for direction zones in the game view (9 almost transparent squares at different locations)

3. Add horizontal ribbon of buttons with customizable keys (a la NH). I agree that swapping between the different keyboards is a bit tedious.

4. Improve portrait mode. Keyboard has to many keys per row and it looks ugly in portrait. I'm thinking about adding 1 or 2 more rows.

5. Related to point 4... Add an option in the core game to replace the left sidebar (stats, equippy, health, etc.) with a "bottom-bar". That way we could have a widest dungeon.

6. Fix font size and term size (Thanks Pete for the reminder!)

A couple of these are easy. In the next few days will be a new release, that will include the last changes to rangers and blackguards.

Pete Mack March 1, 2020 16:38

The 'fit horizontal ' model works well enough on a phone, but it is wasteful on a tablet, leading to a huge font. Though I suspect it might be OK in portrait mode when the problem with empty space between map and keyboard is fixed.

Diego Gonzalez March 1, 2020 22:23

New version in the playstore. Implemented points 1 and 2 of the todo list.

Yamaneko March 2, 2020 11:12

Thanks for the update! Works well so far. The visual markers are really helpful. Looking forward to the other improvements as well :)


Originally Posted by Diego Gonzalez (Post 143309)
4. Improve portrait mode. Keyboard has to many keys per row and it looks ugly in portrait. I'm thinking about adding 1 or 2 more rows.

Indeed, the main keyboard is a bit cramped. My suggestion would be to remove the numpad and add the numbers as an additional row (like a regular hardware keyboard). Movement can be done with tap on screen, so the numpad might be redundant anyway.

moosferatu March 2, 2020 15:34

Personally, I don't like touch directions and play with them disabled. Is it possible to not display the new touch hit boxes when touch directions are disabled?

Diego Gonzalez March 2, 2020 16:06

Yes, of course! In the next update will be optional. Do you use portrait or landscape ?

moosferatu March 2, 2020 16:44


Originally Posted by Diego Gonzalez (Post 143330)
Yes, of course! In the next update will be optional. Do you use portrait or landscape ?


I play landscape on a phone with the opacity sliders all the way to the right. I move with the numpad and use the "..." to toggle the rest of the keyboard as needed. I prefer the numpad to touch directions because I like not having to stretch/move my fingers/thumbs so far to move. On that note, I frequently toggle run, and wish that it was slightly closer to my left thumb... But, that's a minor point, and it sounds like it'd probably be solvable with the customizable ribbon, assuming that proves possible to implement.

Thanks again for putting this together!

tg122 March 2, 2020 17:31

I play on a phone with a 6.3in screen and also play in landscape mode using the number pad (which works great for me, with the occasional mistake if i get sloppy). I find with a larger phone, its difficult for me to use the touch directionals because my thumbs can't easily reach the middle of my phone if i'm holding the phone on both sides in landscape mode. One thing that could be useful is if you could customize the size and location of the touch directionals to all be located on the top right quadrant of the phone, then you could easily reach all 6 with your right thumb. I'm only saying this because there may be people with wider thumbs that might make it difficult to use the number pad, but still can't reach the middle of the phone with their thumbs (as phones become bigger).

Either way, great job with this. I'm still amazed at how easy Angband can be to play on a phone thanks to this well thought-out design. I would have never guessed it could be done.

Diego Gonzalez March 2, 2020 18:09

You are reading my mind! I also think that the touch directions are too far away one of another! I'll work on your suggestion.

The next little project I should do after that is to adjust the size of the term to make use of all the screen. That will be more noticeable in portrait mode.

The port works only in 80x24. I've to modify this.

Thank you all for the reviews!

Pete Mack March 4, 2020 22:25

much better with escape key (on devices with soft back button.) Bizarre behavior of number keysroguelike mode. (They are replaced with hjkl literals, as if they become macros rather than keymaps.) Additionallly, can't select items from a menu by letter, only by navigation. (I'd use the normal keyset, but I don't know any of the commands.)

Also: tablet mode, allow mini keyboard (and removal of number keys from default keyboard.)

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