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Diego Gonzalez March 5, 2020 01:46

Thanks for the bug report! I've fixed it and the app is being uploaded to the play store.

I also added some experimental code to fill the screen with the dungeon. It's more noticeable in portrait mode, when you choose "adjust font size to width", or "height".

I have to fix the portrait keyboard yet.

tg122 March 5, 2020 19:43

Thanks! I really like the new directional buttons. Would it be possible to be able to map the center directional to the "5" key so you can use that to wait a turn?

Diego Gonzalez March 5, 2020 20:06

Yes, search the preferences. Bind the center button to "Comma". Version 1.9 is uploading, with a modified keyboard. Sorry for the constant updates...

Pete Mack March 6, 2020 01:49

this is to be expected when the very first users (other than the dev) start using a product. Hardly a surprise.

Turns out I can't use my external keyboard, really. Neither ESC nor ` has any effect (not even when trying to make a keymap.) Using a logitech K360 (standard android) keyboard.

tg122 March 6, 2020 20:16

Regarding the new keyboard layout, one thing I like is how the number keys are bigger and the period key is easier to reach for running. However, one issue I'm having is that I keep getting confused by the i, o, and p keys being the same shade as the number keys. Would it be a good idea to put an option to darken the i, o, and p keys to be the same shade as the center keys? I find that the number keys are much easier to use when they are a separate shade from the other keys.

Diego Gonzalez March 7, 2020 01:50

The game only recognizes esc or backquote if you use the soft keyboard. I will upload a new version that handles a hardware esc key soon.

I rely on you to test it.

tg122 March 7, 2020 18:50

Here is a quick suggestion. There is 1 additional button that I wish I had easier access to without having to switch keyboards, and that is the " - " key. This would allow you to utilize items on the ground without having to switch keyboards, and would come in handy when your inventory gets full. There are a few other buttons that I regularly switch keyboards for (">", "<", and "/". But the " - " is by far the one that I use the most.

Diego Gonzalez March 8, 2020 00:18

I had to take away a key, and picked that one hehe.

You can trigger floor selection with the left direction. Cursors cycle between inventory, quiver, floor, etc.

Thats a nice addition made by the Vanilla team.

tg122 March 8, 2020 01:20

That's perfect, I never knew that before. Thanks for the tip!

moosferatu March 10, 2020 13:39

The "run" button doesn't work in roguelike mode. <shift>+<letter> works, but is kind of annoying because the entire keyboard needs to be visible and the relative positioning of the keys is different than a standard keyboard, which is a little disorienting.

[Edit] I take that back! The "run" button does work when combined with a directional letter, but it doesn't work when combined with the numpad. It would be nice to be able to play with the roguelike key bindings (that I'm more familiar with) but still be able to just have the directional controls displayed on the side like the numpad.

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