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kurie April 18, 2011 00:47

DaJAngband - slimed?
What does the "Slimed" stat on the charachter sheet do please?

will_asher April 18, 2011 02:23

copied from the DJA130.txt help file (which explains a lot of differences between DAJ and vanilla):

Silver & Slime: Infections which have no effect in small amounts, but can
have nasty effects if you let them accumulate to high levels. Cure wounds potions
have no effect on them. The two most effective things to fight these effects are
elven waybread and the potion or spell of purity. Mushrooms of cure serious wounds
also have a small anti-silver and slime effect. Mushrooms of health cure a little
sliming and mushrooms of clear mind cure a little silver poison. Only a couple
very rare monsters can cause sliming or silver poison from a distance, normally
they are caused as melee attacks.
Sliming slowly turns a person's body into a mindless blob of slime,
starting by lowering thier constitution. Danger levels for slime: at 20 begins to
have occational minor effects, at 40 slime starts to have serious effects, and at
55 slime will be fatal if not cured very quickly. Monsters which cause sliming are
more common than monsters that cause silver poison.
Silver poison makes a person forget who he is and corrupts the mind so that
he is no longer able to think about anything that matters. Its first effects are
reduction of wisdom and randomly activated amnesia or hallucenation. Danger levels
for silver: at 5-14 has rare minor effects, at 15-24 can have very serious effects,
and at 25 silver poison will be fatal if not cured within a few turns of getting to
this level.
Ego-items which have random resistances may now have slime resistance or
silver resistance.

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