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ripforareason February 21, 2017 16:19

Danger stacking at 900-950
Having played a few games now with a Danger item for a substantial portion of the game, it seems like it just makes you meet more unrelenting horrors, ancient adamant serpents, and hithrauko at 950', and sometimes makes more uniques spawn in the throne room. Since the danger item has usually been Anglachel, there enemies are of little concern, but it made me think of something:

As far as I know, Danger makes your spawns effectively 1 floor deeper. But you can't go deeper than 1000', so what happens if you have 2 Danger sources at 950? What about 4,5,6, if you were smithing a ton of artefacts with danger while doing the 900-950 circuit? Do you just get 50 unrelenting horrors per floor?

Infinitum February 21, 2017 17:06

Basically, some monsters have a native depth below 1000', with Ancient Adamant Serpents and Unrelenting Horrors being the deepest occuring non-uniques at 1150'. Not sure about the actual spawning algorithm used though. You can check monster.txt in the edit folder if you wanna spoil yourself.

phylyc February 21, 2017 17:18

In my last game I was exactly doing that and had 4 danger items. I encountered mainly unrelenting horrors at 950' plus a few ancient serpents. I think that it only affects the ratio of creatures that appear. Retrospectively, I should have also added haunted to it to get some variety in my diet.

wobbly February 21, 2017 21:21

Yep, 3 or more levels of danger means near constant unrelenting horrors & ancient adamant serpents. Gets boring pretty quickly, particularly considering how long it takes to cut through an unrelenting horror. 1 or 2 levels is pretty good if you're pretty buff & after extra xp.

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