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sffp May 29, 2020 19:53

Funny old game sometimes
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So my level 18 dwarven priest finds Old Man Willow in a Cul-de-Sac behind a door at DL 19 (see attached pic - picture an l where that shield is) I quickly back up and assess my projectile options. Two orbs of draining:

"It ignores the attack 2x"

ok no where near enough mana for that Old Man Willow has 1000 hitpoints. Ouch

How 'bout my iron shots - if I can land enough of them (I have 36 and do more than 30 damage) maybe I can land enough to have a chance in melee

Try 3-5 shots. No, I'm missing too much.
Wait a minute

"You feel something roll between you're feet"

My iron shots were returning to me!
There's a scroll under Old Man Willow and the shots won't stop on the door so I'm getting them all back. In addition, when he commands me to return - the game won't let me stop in the doorway. I have FA, so his attempts to paralyze or slow fail.

60+ shots later

Old Man Willow dies

Unfortunately, all he leaves behind is a minor shield upgrade. However:

Welcome to level 19
You feel less naive
Welcome to level 20
Welcome to level 21
You can learn 3 more prayers

Apparently Old Man Willow is worth 3K+ EXP to a level 18 dwarven priest almost half of my total to date.

sffp May 29, 2020 19:56

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hmm... seems to have converted it to a jpg and made it smaller
But picture


sffp May 30, 2020 18:00

And similarly, this @ had this experience killing a druid/druadan mage combo at 950 ft!

You have no room for a Gloopy Green Potion.
You feel more experienced.
Welcome to level 23.
Welcome to level 24.
Welcome to level 25.
Welcome to level 26.
Welcome to level 27.
Welcome to level 28.
Welcome to level 29.
Welcome to level 30.
You see no more Potions of Experience.

Still can't go down though - no FA.
The last three warriors I brought down died between 1000 and 1500 due to paralyzation.

sffp June 1, 2020 21:25

a Main Gauche of Morgul (1d5) (+12,+12)
Sustains your life force.
Drains experience.

How does that work?

Nick June 1, 2020 21:48


Originally Posted by sffp (Post 145973)
a Main Gauche of Morgul (1d5) (+12,+12)
Sustains your life force.
Drains experience.

How does that work?

Life-draining attacks affect you less, but you get occasional life drain from no attack.

sffp June 2, 2020 03:00

I don't know why, but I get a kick out of actions which cause character to gain multiple levels in the same turn.

This level 6 paladin accidentally summoned a baby multi-hued dragon with a trap

Welcome to level 7.
Welcome to level 8.
You can learn 2 more prayers.
You can re-arrange your quiver.
You have no more Iron Shots (1d4) (+0,+0) (0)

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