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Mud December 2, 2020 20:24

How do I edit the object file correctly?
I was experimenting with the .txt files and decided to try and change torch to flare in the object.txt file. It crashed on start up since I don't know what I'm doing and was wondering if there was a place that already had info on how to mod Angband.

Nick December 2, 2020 21:00

This has changed quite a bit recently, and there probably aren't any really good current sources of information. There is some info at the top of the .txt datafiles as a starting point.

One simple thing you can do is search through all the files in lib/gamedata (and lib/tiles if you're using tiles) for the thing you're planning to change. In your case, the crash will be because other files (class.txt, ego_item.txt, store.txt) are expecting to find an object called "Wooden Torch" - if you change the name in all those places, it should work.

Mud December 2, 2020 21:04

That makes sense and thank you. I will post an update if I find consistent similarities between objects and the different files.

Mud December 2, 2020 21:36

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You were right, chanigng the name in all the files worked. Some require many to be changed, like the Wooden Torch, since characters start with one while "flask~ of oil" only needed the object.txt and store files to be changed.

Mud December 3, 2020 17:13

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Does the (~) always come after the first word in a name for a reason? Apple~ vs. Handful~ of dried fruit.

Sideways December 3, 2020 17:37

The ~ indicates where the plural goes if you have more than one; so you have apples, handfuls of dried fruits, flasks of oil, hard biscuits etc.

Mud December 3, 2020 18:33

Ok and thanks!

Pete Mack December 22, 2020 12:02

Oh right, Merry Xmas!
Soon it will be time to kill santa and his elves.

invisibletroll December 23, 2020 16:34


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 150225)
Oh right, Merry Xmas!
Soon it will be time to kill santa and his elves.

If you kill Santa, I will kill you. :cool:

Pete Mack December 23, 2020 22:48

As it is Festivus, how come there are no Easter egg monsters for today? And speaking of Easter, what about easter bunnies? Maybe they should breed in town?

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