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Incandenza October 30, 2018 15:11

Storage Question!
Hi there,

Long time roguelike player with years of Angband and Nethack under my belt.

Haven't dug into ToME before, and I'm loving it so far.

I have a question I've searched around for, and can't seem to find an answer to.

The guide refers to building 8 as being my house that I can store things in, only in Bree there's no 8. There's a 7 and a 9, but no home.

Is this a bug or was this taken out at some point? I'm playing a Half-Ogre Warrior, and running 2.3.5 if that info is useful.

Anyone? While I do like the idea of having to make hard decisions about what's in my Inventory...I would love to stash some things I might need for later!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Derakon October 30, 2018 15:34

The leader of each town will give you a quest to clear out some local monsters in exchange for being able to use their den as your house. In Bree, you need to deal with some low-level 'p' enemies, the strongest being a Bandit.

Incandenza October 30, 2018 15:56

Amazing, thank you! Off to kill some bandits!


Pete Mack October 30, 2018 20:53

@Incandenza Starting with the quest is almost always a mistake. You want to kill a low risk high EXP monster before passing CL1. The thieves' quest won't do it. A red naga in the stream south of bree is a better target. (Just watch out for hydras.)
Just figure out a plan. (!Hero and a sling or !oil will do it.)

Derakon October 30, 2018 21:27

Ehh, it's up to you. I like starting with the thieve's quest because it's challenging while often still being achievable, and killing random wildlife always felt cheesy to me. Not that it's easy to avoid cheese in ToME, mind, but you don't have to go seeking it out. :)

Incandenza October 30, 2018 23:01

Thanks for the advice - I should have also mentioned my Half-Ogre was pretty beefy by the time I realized there was no home building - he was more than robust enough to tear through those low rent thugs!

Though I did then later make the mistake of taking on the nearby Trolls and got seriously owned! Ha!

Pete Mack October 31, 2018 00:34

Yeah with a half-ogre, your plab doesn't need to be very complicated. Just set your stsnce to fast aggressive (USE MACROS FOR STANCE.) Head south and let the naga come to you.

fph October 31, 2018 07:58

There is a quest screen (ctrl+Q if I remember correctly?) where the approximate level of each quest is displayed, so you can avoid going in too early. I think the trolls are level 30. It's sort-of accurate, but there are some surprises.
As usual, spoilers help a lot, or otherwise there's the old fashioned way to learn in roguelikes, the one that uses lots of tombstone screens. :)

Pete Mack October 31, 2018 08:20

Yeah, the trolls are tough. You can take them early IF you really optimize your skills. (Also, the early quests are all easy for archer class.)

Yottle October 31, 2018 11:50

Any warrior character should be able to handle the thieves quest immediately. If you have your speed set to running you are faster than any of the thieves. Just stay in the corridor so only one can come at you at a time and back up at the right time so they can't hit you. The first kill will get you to level 2 and after that you can probably kill all of them with one blow.
The other easy town quest is the wolves in Lothlorien. By the time you can get there without being ambushed and killed they are trivial. I wouldn't try any of the other town quests until you have a buffed-up level 30 character.

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