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Mantis November 24, 2020 03:56


Coming back to playing 1.3 on my tablet I was pleased to realise that it was fairly easy to mod the game a little through the editable files. At first I was content just to add in one or two things from Sil-Q, but I’ve branched out a little to add some new items, creatures (e.g. dwarven smiths, easterling sorcerers, and Watcheresque dwellers in the dark), and some new houses:

Mithrim Sindar with +1S and stealth affinity
Longbeard Dwarves with +1G and song affinity (lots of mentions of dwarven songs and harps!)
Petty Dwarves who have -1S +1D and -1G, and stealth affinity
and Druedain who have +1C and archery affinity.

As there’s some extra experience floating around I’m playing no artifact games right now...

I was wondering, how do other people tend to tweak the game?

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