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Cryomaniac January 12, 2022 10:50

[Hengband variants] Any tips for exploration during early/middle game?
I'm playing as a strong melee character without built-in detection/mapping. I have a Rod of Detection, but my only source of magic mapping are staves. Should I actively use magic mapping while diving for quicker and safer exploration and recall if charges run out? If I wouldn't have an universal detection source, should I similarly use item/monster detection to avoid excess wandering?

For reference, I'm playing the Touhou Katteban version I've posted about; it has a safe wand/staff recharging service in town (I remember town recharging in Hengband could blow up your devices).

On a similar topic: During early game, what level feeling is the threshold for staying on the level to look for potential treasure instead of going further? I personally want the feeling to be past 'your luck is turning' to look for good stuff.

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