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MattB March 29, 2015 16:45


Originally Posted by Nomad (Post 99972)
Huh - you're not going mad! I just searched that artefact spoiler file and the only weapons with slays were two Maces of Disruption with slay undead and Grond.

Thanks, glad my sanity is vouchsafed, for now!

Estie March 30, 2015 13:24


Originally Posted by Magnate (Post 99964)
First, my eternal thanks for starting a new thread.

Second, which version is this? That's quite a serious bug, if my code generated that ... I'm guessing an overflow error somewhere.

If you are refering to the -19 attacks randart, that was 3.5.1.

Magnate April 3, 2015 09:32


Originally Posted by Estie (Post 99998)
If you are refering to the -19 attacks randart, that was 3.5.1.

I was indeed, and that is a bug which may or may not still be present in 4.0 beta. Nomad's quarterstaff is fine - arguably underrated by the algorithm but there's no bug. The absence of brands and slays is of course a bug - one of many resulting from the vast slew of changes in the beta. Rest assured that we'll get to it before 4.0 is final...

Thraalbee April 7, 2015 16:37

Angband v4beta-121-gb12bbfe nice light source. Enlightenment, FA and one immunity, albeit lightning, is not bad.

f) the Arkenstone of Angwethar <+3>
Found lying on the floor in a vault at 2100 feet (level 42)

Provides immunity to lightning.
Cannot be harmed by fire.
Prevents paralysis.
Radius 3 light.

When activated, it completely lights up and magically maps the
level, detects traps nearby, detects doors nearby and detects
stairs nearby.
Takes 51 to 100 turns to recharge at your current speed.
Your chance of success is 83.9%

MattB April 12, 2015 02:42

Now that is a *lot* of dice...


the Blade of Chaos of Luing (16d5) (+6,+27) [+15] <+5>
+5 intelligence.
Provides resistance to lightning, poison gas, chaos, disenchantment.
Provides protection from blindness, confusion.
Cannot be harmed by acid.
Sustains dexterity.
Blessed by the gods.  Slows your metabolism.  Feather Falling.  Prevents
paralysis.  Grants the ability to see invisible things.  Aggravates creatures

When activated, it removes curses.
Takes 164000 to 80160000 turns to recharge.
Your chance of success is 90.4%

Min Level 73, Max Level 127, Generation chance 2, Power 422, 14.5 lbs
Based on Ringil.

Estie April 12, 2015 03:19

*And* good damage enchantment. No brands or slays though, is there some off weapon by any chance ?

Carnivean April 12, 2015 08:43


Originally Posted by MattB (Post 100420)
Now that is a *lot* of dice...

What's the average damage with that beast?

MattB April 12, 2015 15:52


Originally Posted by Carnivean (Post 100423)
What's the average damage with that beast?

Sadly, I never found it before being nexus quylthulged into a room full of my discards from a vault on dlvl89 (I'd been too trigger happy with my TO's).

But let's see... I had +7 damage on my gloves, +8 on my armour, a RoDam +14 and the bonus from Str 18/*** is, what, +20 IIRC. So IF I'd found it ( :( ) the calculation would be something like:

6*((16*3)+27+7+8+14+20))=744 average damage per round, against absolutely everything. Plus, of course, critical hits. But I've no idea how to calculate that.

I'm feeling somewhat melancholy now...

Therem Harth June 6, 2015 12:29

My current T2 character just found...

The Mage Staff of Turing (1d4) (+5, +15) [+4]

Oddly appropriate. I think I'll keep it. :P

Edit: whoops, character died to a Blood Sprout before I could get full ID on it. D'oh!

Nomad June 16, 2015 20:45

Not bad, as pre-stat gain weapons go...


  the Short Sword 'Irtheloki' (2d7) (+18,+12) [+7] <+3>
    Dropped by Gorbag, the Orc Captain at 1200 feet (level 24)
    +3 strength.
    Slays evil creatures, animals, dragons (powerfully), giants,
    demons (powerfully).
    Branded with weak fire, cold, lightning.
    Provides resistance to poison gas, light, chaos.
    Provides protection from fear.
    Cannot be harmed by acid.
    Slows your metabolism.  Feather Falling.  Grants the ability to
    see invisible things.

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