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sffp June 30, 2020 18:38

Can a hobbit wiled a weapon of Nazgul safely?
So my CL 8 hobbit picks up a sling (x2) (+15,+11) (?)

and I'm excited as it's my first real find of the game (my only other magic are some pebbles(+3,+5) and a sling (+4,+4)

I quickly try it on
You have learned the Rune of See Invisible<Yay!>
You sense the Sling is draining you life
You have learned the Rune of Experience Drain <Not so Yay!>
You have a Sling of the Nazgul...

But I'm a hobbit, I have hold life as an innate skill.
Would that over ride the experience drain?
Or would it be sporadic and occasionally drain and thus not worth using?

Pete Mack June 30, 2020 19:20

You are GTG, except possibly while resting/running :/

Sky June 30, 2020 21:34

eh, the drain is there, it's smaller than without Hold Life, but it will still happen. And, at shallow depths, the mobs are not worth much XP.

I would say, sell the sling, and keep going without it. You will easily find a sling of power that is better than that.

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