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PowerWyrm December 25, 2018 14:30

Development version of PWMAngband 1.2.0 released for testing
HO! HO! HO! This is PWSanta with a new version of PWMAngband!

Here's the list of changes that have been implemented up to now:

User interface

MAngband 1.1.4:

- Add player level, class and race to death message


- Use account password for all characters associated with that account
- Allow "glyph:terrain name:symbol" format in font-xxx.prf to specify
default attribute for all lighting effects
- Reduce the allowed minimum size of subterms to a quarter of the maximal
size (20x6)

Gameplay changes

MAngband 1.1.4:

- Make server save 10 minutes interval by default
- Don't try to auto retaliate when afraid
- Characters that permanently die drop nothing upon death

Bugs fixed


- Reposition and resize the chat line properly when the chat window is resized

Files updated: binaries and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:

tangar December 25, 2018 15:12

Merry Christmas!! :D

tangar December 30, 2018 14:56

So far found problem with so Rows=... parameter in mangclient.ini file

I wanna have




But when I set it in mangclient.ini - game change this values to:
NumRows=26 for [Term-0]; and NumRows=8 for [Term-1]

PowerWyrm January 2, 2019 08:20

The client resizes the values for whatever reason, and that's probably happening in Vanilla too. I'll look into it.

CyclopsSlayer January 2, 2019 16:35


Originally Posted by PowerWyrm (Post 135098)
The client resizes the values for whatever reason, and that's probably happening in Vanilla too. I'll look into it.

My term windows in all the Pos/Con/Frog consistently shrink with nearly every opening of the games.

tangar January 2, 2019 22:41

TomeNET doesn't have this problem, maybe solution could be found there

PowerWyrm January 3, 2019 08:22

Can't reproduce the problem unfortunately. I would need the exact content of the ini file.

I'd say it's because the parameters used for the font don't match the font itself. I always use "graphics_nice=1" when I play, so the game calculates everything automatically.

Yesterday I tried those 21x31 and 24x36 fonts and there's no way they can fit a 1920x1280 screen. The game rescales the client so that 198x66 display can be drawn + the left part (13 colums) + one row at top and bottom. The solution would be to use 19x29 font, it's the biggest one that fits.

tangar January 3, 2019 09:41

I managed to kinda 'fix' this problem with config which I described at my PWMAngband page:

Also you could easely reproduce this bug by using my addon - every time when you turn on/turn off addon - game client got n+1 window size; try to do it several times and game client would become long as snake :D

So for now it's not critical issue, cause it's possible to fix it with .ini file protection (as I did it for mangband game).. But still it would be fun to fix this issue one day.

stream is commin :D

PowerWyrm January 3, 2019 14:56

Why are you not using the SDL client? It works perfectly with the fonts you are using... and it's one window. You wouldn't need an addon, and the numrows never moves.

tangar January 3, 2019 19:15

Because I like to play fullscreen without borders, menues & etc; also it's hard to customize sizes there

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