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Therem Harth April 12, 2012 15:10

Tip for people having problems running ToME4
If the refuses to start, crashes, or brings your system to a grinding halt, try running it with --flush-stdout as a command line argument.

No, I don't know why this works. It's supposed to help with diagnostics, not actually solve anything. But for me it solves the sluggishness and huge memory allocation issues, and hey, if it doesn't work for you, it may at least tell you where things are going wrong...

wobbly June 3, 2012 23:49

For the less computer-literate amongst us how do I do that (in Windows 7). It never finishes loading on my computer & if I drop down to about beta 25 it eventually loads but is unplayably slow even in ascii.

Therem Harth June 4, 2012 00:16

Ugh, I forgot to update this.

It turns out the diagnostic setting wasn't what had helped. I had done this on a Linux machine with a different kernel version, and stupidly thought that did not make a difference. The real problem was that ToME 4 was triggering a bug in the graphics driver, which did not exist on the later kernel.

Re your problem, that sounds like what I saw with T4 on Windows 7. Unfortunately I was never able to figure out what was going on; if you're also on Windows, you may be out of luck. T4 is a nice game (from what little I've seen of it!) but the GUI is a disaster IMO.

buzzkill June 4, 2012 00:16

Can't you create a shortcut, then edit the shortcut properties, adding "--flush-stdout" to the end of the executable.

wobbly June 4, 2012 00:26

Yeah you can, had just worked that out. It now loads, though slowly. Yet to see if it's playable.

Therem Harth June 4, 2012 00:45

Grr, beaten to the punch.

(It'd be interesting if my non-fix actually worked on Windows...)

wobbly June 4, 2012 02:11

It's playable with all the graphics off but only just.. With a more old-fashion UI I'd have less problems. Most of the delay seems to be waiting for the menus to respond to the cursor. Maybe when I've learnt the keybindings properly I might be able to shortcut round the issues.

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