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Fnord September 5, 2017 00:33

Elliposchengband windows download?
Is a win compile of the current version available anywhere?

GenericPseudonym September 5, 2017 06:57

Now's a great time to promote, right?
It does have a win executable download.
I'm a lazy lazy man and I haven't touched it since 6.1.0, though it has everything elliposchengband does (other than the few changes I specifically removed)

If you want to see the differences vs elliposchengband (and ellipcb's differences vs poschengband) the changelog is here:

Fnord September 8, 2017 02:31


Still gonna finish my 7.0 char first before I switch over, but that's looking good!

Could you maybe summarize your design philosophy? Just "quality of life" improvements?

GenericPseudonym September 8, 2017 07:09

Yeah it's almost all quality of life with a few small bugfixes. All the heavy lifting was done by Chris and Elliptic.

Fnord October 9, 2017 04:59

Playing it right now.

A few things, if you care:

* For ninjas, resting breaks hiding. That's silly since manually resting (5) doesn't.
* Really minor, but ninja hiding in shadows doesn't need to interrupt running.

And my general wishes:
* Show max reforge without bringing an art to the store
* Show damage for ninjas (and duelists and maulers etc) based on their abilities in character sheet
* Show the missing properties from gear (like genji) on char sheets and elsewhere
* Show missing properties in monster recall (like pushing past other monsters)

More if and when I think of them!

This actually goes for anyone thinking of forking main pcb (and even Chris, though I doubt he agrees with many)!

Fnord October 11, 2017 01:06

Minor bug: Ninja spells ignore "use old target" (e.g. chain hook).

CyclopsSlayer October 11, 2017 14:25

All the Ninja troubles seem to be inherited from Poschengbang as I am seeing all of them there.

Fnord October 13, 2017 03:16

CyclopsSlayer - yeah, I know, I'm just collecting though for the variant I currently care most about. Once again, any other pcb derivate is more than welcome to my ideas/thoughts!

And since I'm at it, more random bits:

* Push past other monsters is missing from monster recall. Other things that I don't recall right now are as well
* I never understood why Genji and some other rare properties are not reflected directly in C - they should be
* Same goes for various mage casting bonus things and the rare/unique artifact bonuses
* Back to Ninjas - it would be nice to have the various bonus modi (backstab etc) displayed in weapon damage, together with chance (and ideally, what modifies them). Same obviously goes for other classes with similar hidden bonuses (rogues etc)
* Formerly (well, years ago) unloved chaos brand could use C weapon damage display help as well
* Display ingame what weapons work for Ninjas (and similarly restricted classes)
* Display ingame the weight limit for armor for classes that care, and percentage etc met

CyclopsSlayer October 13, 2017 04:35


Yes! The effects need some form of documentation. I have a Ninjato of Sharpness and see messages 'cuts deeply', 'cut in half' etc... What does each mean? As well there are blades of Sharpness of varying quality, ie: Sharpness and *Sharpness* I am sure the *X* is better, but...?

As to weight, AFAIK Monks and Ninjas are the same at (0.4 x Lvl ) + 10 = Weight. So at L50 the limit is 30 pounds, this includes any Shield worn.
Monks have an additional penalty for items in the chest slot.

As to useable weapons, I keep trying anything I have found, but other than the list you posted elsewhere they are all Icky Wields. :(

Fnord October 19, 2017 02:59

Another couple things:

* With self-knowledge, max stats and LR should be in char dumps
* Vanilla's damage per hit display would clarify a lot
* Why not also do that for enemies - i.e. display damage numbers?
* Show the healing/damage/etc values for wands, staves, rods without inspection (perhaps by inscription?)
* Why is there no darkness specific light source art? Ninjas want one!

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