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budswell January 24, 2018 06:23

PCB and confusion
I read that confusion and blindness resistance is no longer on/off, but a thing like elemental resistance instead.
But does that affect healing too? My last charcter was confused, so I quaffed a potion of Curing, but it only made me "less confused" - did not remove it entirely.

As an early character (which I never get past), my only escapes are scrolls/spells. So I am pretty much dead as soon as I get confused (especially as a spell caster).

Is there other ways to combat this, or is it pretty much just a case of "Dont get confused near monsters in the first place".

Gwarl January 24, 2018 12:28

In Vanilla PCB cure serious wounds (I think) and certainly cure critical wounds will help confusion. The curing potions don't always cure it entirely, some will just reduce the duration by 1/2 or x turns (I think x is 10 or so) whichever is greater.

if you get Composband, cure x wounds no longer help confusion but !clarity does, along with curing, both of which can be bought in town, along with the mushroom store selling mushrooms of cure confusion.

One level of confusion resistance (30%) will give you a 90% resistance to confusion affects, two levels (40%) should give you immunity to confusion.

budswell January 24, 2018 13:27

Ah thanks. I had the wrong potions (store didn't have any CCW and I got curing from a wanted corpse)

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