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I might have found an odd resistance bug that killed off a promising half-orc ranger just as I was about to crack open a truly terrifying greater vault (meaning it deprived me of the chance to get killed fair and square like five minutes later )

I was going up against a full-health Greater Storm Wyrm with about 230 hp remaining -- not especially smart, but I had both permanent and temporary rElec. First move in LOS the GSW breathes and knocks me down to -119. I thought the electricity cap was 1600, meaning stacked permanent and temporary resistance would have dropped the damage down to 1600/3/3 = 178 at most, possibly less depending on exactly how many hp GSW have these days (the monster spoiler says 3080 hp/1026 breath -- this is my first 4.0 character to get to a significant depth so I'm still building the monster memory), but from the results it seems like I ate a single-resisted ~350 damage lightning breath to the face.

Am I misunderstanding how things should be calculating, or is that a bug? The temporary rElec came from casting Resistance out of Scarabtarices, the permanent from four different sources (Amras, Arvedui, Colluin, Celegorm).

Ladder dump here.

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