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[Announce] PosChengband 3.5.0 Released

In case it isn't obvious, I no longer have Internet access at home. So, if something is really, really broken, your best option is to post an issue on the github site (I will miss remarks in character dumps and forum posts, though I'll do my best to keep up).

This doesn't mean I've stopped working on PosCheng. In fact, I just uploaded a new release. Alot has changed, and a full source diff is available, as usual. But some of the main highlights are:

* Draconians have been redesigned with subraces just like Demigods. They even get a special power at CL35. I added an in game helpfile to show the choices (available during the birth process).

* Tonberries have also been redesigned, and are absolutely crazy at the moment. But they have some big time drawbacks as well.

* I added spell damage. You'll see this on the various mage egos (rings, amulets, crowns).

* There is a new shop in Zul. You might want to check it out!

* The Craft Realm got some slight alterations. This is the absolute last time I'm changing it, I promise. Check out the Crafting spell. Also, it might not be obvious, but Elemental and Mana Branding both affect archery as well as melee.

* There is a new personality: Hasty

* Demigods have their skills adjusted depending on subrace. For example, Zeus is good at everything, Athena rocks with devices, etc.

* Character Dumps are improved with Monster Kill statistics and a count of random artifacts found.

There's more, and many minor game balance changes.

Enjoy, and please remember that releases will be much less frequent from now on.

* Vampire Light Vulnerability is much more important these days. (The same applies to Ents and Androids).

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