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Originally Posted by troycheek View Post
3.5.1 loaded save files through the command line just fine and I think I remember whichever 4.0 beta version I tried doing the same. 4.0.2 is trying to do something with the command line because it shows an error message "cannot find required file: CharacterName" if the specified path/file doesn't exist. Would it be difficult to re-add this function?
OK, I'm up to speed now

I can confirm this behaviour in Windows 10, whether a full path or relative path is given. Moreover, double-clicking on the savefile and then selecting angband to open it with comes up with "Cannot find required file", which looks like file_exists is failing (somewhat disappointing, since we started with the file).

My suspicion is that this is some arcane permissions issue - Windows is usually pretty good with not changing its API, but from 7 on they got more strict with where stuff could be run from, and we may be falling foul of that. Or something.

In any case, I think I'm going to have to file it as a bug, and tell you for now to just use the open dialogue, unless someone comes up with a better solution. I'm sorry if that messes up some system or other.
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