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I think the duration for Mushrooms of Terror could probably stand to be cut down a bit as well. It's not as frustrating as Emergency, but does seem to last a bit unfairly long considering you often encounter them on very early levels (plus most of the positive mushroom effects wear off in about a quarter of the time).

Actually, I could see the argument for giving all mushroom effects the same base duration of 50 - it would make the positive ones more worthwhile and the negative ones less risky to ID by use. Currently the durations seem to be:

Clear Mind: 18-72
Second Sight: 34-105
Stoneskin/Terror: 80-120
Sprinting: 100
Emergency: 250-350 (hallucination), 20-40 (resists)

How about standardising those to:

Terror/Emergency(all effects): 50
Clear Mind/Second Sight/Stoneskin: 50-100
Sprinting: 100
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