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I won't address your opinions on hidden traps, because that's well-covered ground by now.

Originally Posted by Rowan View Post
I knew I forgot something!

Someone suggested a spell that would teleport to a chosen square within a small range. What comes of this idea? Currently there's just short- and long-range random teleportation, but it would be amazing to have a high level spell that would give targeted teleport (maybe just within line of sight?).
Targeted teleport is an insanely powerful spell, even when constrained to line-of-sight. The ability to move from point A to point B without occupying the intervening space, and therefore without leaving yourself open to attacks from monsters that can see said intervening space, is probably too powerful to give to the player.

Mm, maybe if it only came in the form of scrolls or portions, and rarely at that. It might be nice to have a high-level teleportation consumable. Absolutely not as a spell that spellcasters could cast at will, not even if it cost 100SP (because Potions of Restore Mana exist).
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