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[Announce] Poschengband 5.0.5 Released

Yet another release in yet the same place. 5.0.5 this time.

The big change this time is the addition of a new class: The Skillmaster.

The Skillmaster allows you to build and design your own class. I did a lot of work on the user interface and helpfiles, so, rather than repeat myself, I'll let you read about it inside the game. The only thing perhaps worth mentioning is that you use the 'G' command to gain skills. In the UI, the uppercase version of a command usually brings up context sensitive help.

Other changes this release include:
[1] Better handling of repeated messages, especially Clear Mind and Virtue spam.

[2] Burglary Rogues are CL1 casters and use DEX. Non-burglary rogues remain CL5 casters using INT.

[3] Sorcery Identify spell becomes 'Mass Identify' rather early on.

[4] Burglary books were not being stocked in the BM (remove the TOWN flag in k_info.txt to fix this since black_market_crap() now simply disallows objects where this flag is set).

[5] Ammo allocation has been redesigned. Perhaps seeker stuff is too common now? Somebody play an Archer/Ranger and let me know

Bug fixes mentioned on the forum (up to around Dec 1) include:
[1] Gold amounts overflowing and becoming negative (I guess this was a tax to raise some revenue for The Variant Maintainer??)

[2] Draconian Metamorphosis in the middle of berserker melee was raising a divide by 0 error, since changing your body form chucked all your melee weapons in the middle of the attack loop.

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