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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
here is something i did recently.

1. wear 2x rings of escaping, 1 elven cloak, 1 pot of speed. tot: + 19 spd
2. break mini-vaultl; Beorn comes out to try to kill me.
3. run away through cleared dungeon.
4. when on the far side of the dungeon, teleport.
5. go back to vault, loot, recall.

all this effort for a spellbook (i'm a warrior); what can you do, it was 9-9.
That's a good strategy. Luckily with the vault I just found I also found a scroll of destruction a dungeon level or two earlier so I was able to lure all the things I wasn't able to deal with out and destruct. It actually worked perfectly. I didn't even destroy the small chest in the top of the vault because a master thief picked up the items at the top of the vault, where Harowen and Itanagast were. It worked perfectly, and I only had to remain in Itanagast's line of sight for two turns (the first turn the bolt missed the sleeping young black dragon blocking Itanagast from moving up to the top of the vault). At 295HP I *think* I would have survived his fire breath, but maybe not. He breathes for 733. 733/3 = 244.

This is a good example of where too much stealth is a bad thing.

Also remarkable is that the only three mushrooms I've ID'd this game are the only 3 mushrooms I need to know:
1. Clear Mind
2. Second Sight
3. Vigor.

EDIT: Since I play on a laptop keyboard; when I am playing cautiously, like in this vault, I tend to not press two arrow keys at the same time to move diagonally and and up moving over instead of diagonally. Something just breathed lightning destroying an un-ID'd rod and wand. With my luck one of them was TO.

Two iron helms of telepathy, and my first artifact weapon, though. Next level, quite, normal level; Dor-lómin lying in a hallway. I will be wearing this for a long time.

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