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New build on the nightlies page, with a big change to how randarts are handled. If you have a current character with randarts DO NOT update; this should be the last time I have to say that, though.

Randarts are now written to an 'artifact.txt' file in the user directory, which is then automatically loaded. The old "keep randarts" option is now a "keep arts" option, and works as follows:
  • if on, any existing 'artifact.txt' file in the user directory is used; in particular, if you just finished a randarts game, the same randarts will be used
  • if off, any existing 'artifact.txt' file in the user directory is archived into an 'archive' directory inside the user directory (as artifact_1.txt, etc), and then randarts are generated or not according to the randarts option

IMHO this simplifies everything massively, but let me know if there are any problems with it.
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