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Just a correction: There's no T2 2.4.0 -- that's the "in-progress" version number of 2.4.1 (I guess). Quite an unfortunate mistake.

Since there seems to be a bit of interest: If anyone wants to give compiling on Windows a go, I suppose I could pretty easily just tag the current HEAD on master and officially make that 2.4.0. Anyone up for that?

(Please use 2c8b8579faf729b9cf21b8b2d827f0e482570bd3 as a starting point. If you have fixes/problems please just post them to the GitHub issue tracker or, even better, make a PR. Failing that, feel free to post in the Variants forum. I'll wait to tag until we get a Windows compile then I can probably attach that as a "Release" on GH.)

EDIT: @debo: I'd recommend choosing the Theme module. For me, at least, it's vastly more enjoyable. There's a "choose random option" key on the character generation screen, but it occasionally causes an infinite loop. I haven't found the exact reason yet, but if you just retry the chargen process a few times, I think it should work. (Or just roll dice or something instead .). Oh, and we should probably avoid the Bard class -- but then again, maybe it'd be good to see if anyone has the patience to do anything with it.

EDIT#2: Also, just a heads up: This requires a recent compiler; not exactly sure how recent, but this GH issue is probably relevant.

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