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Weaponsmith feedback

Here’s some feedback on Weaponsmiths in 5.0.5, most of which I assume is still valid for 6.1.0:

First, thank you for this wonderful class. It got me my first Poschengband winner and kept me entertained for many hours after I killed the serpent.

In the early game, the class is underwhelming. You rarely get to use your smithing abilities except to absorb hit/dam/AC essences. It takes forever to accumulate enough essences from ego items to be able to afford adding egos with Smithing. By the time you accumulate enough early-game ego essences (fire resist, free action, etc.) to smith with them, they’re not going to do a whole lot of good; you’ve already found and equipped good gear with those qualities built in. To fix this, I’d suggest lowering the essence cost of early-game egos.

In the late game, the class is extremely powerful, but much of the Smithing abilities feel superfluous. The problem is that optimal gearing (armor-wise) is virtually always the same: apply slaying to powerful ego armor. You can get your resists and stats elsewhere. It would be much more fun if Smithing armor involved more interesting choices. To fix this, I would allow Weaponsmiths to affect +hit and +dam on armor just like +AC on armor-- separately from the single stat, bonus, resist, sustain, ability, or telepathy. Of course, the size of the hit and damage bonus would need to be lower than what is currently possible when applying slaying. So for any piece of armor you want to use, you max out its hit, dam, just like its AC, then choose something else to add… and that choice would be an interesting one with lots of options. Overall, this would result in weaker Weaponsmiths in the extreme late game, which is probably a good thing, but with much more interesting and frequent Smithing.

Weapons of sharpness don’t drop after a certain depth. As near as I can tell, they’re the only source of the *sharpness* essence in the game, which is one of the best endgame essences. Trying to accumulate enough *sharpness* essences to use in the endgame shouldn’t involve going back and grinding mid-game content for drops. In my copy, I just removed the max depth on the sharpness ego.

Late in the game I found myself resenting the extreme rarity of Crafting scrolls, and thinking that it would be really fun if Weaponsmiths had an ability that worked similarly. What if using the “Absorb all essences” ability on an artifact granted an “essence of crafting” or something, and those could be used to fuel a smithing ability that mimicked a Crafting scroll? Maybe five essences of crafting per use.

It would be nice if the “Remove added essence” ability actually gave you back the essences you remove, like the “Absorb all essences” ability. The fact that it doesn’t makes me hesitant to use Smithing in many situations.

Once again, tons of fun! I enjoyed it immensely, despite the wall of text above. Overall, I’d like to see changes that make Smithing something that Weaponsmiths use more frequently, because crafting stuff is great fun, and of course we want to do it more often
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