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Ethereal hounds don't swarm the player anymore. They simply stand in walls doing nothing, never using melee attacks, only occasionally breathing nether if they manage to get in LOS.

Found the reason why, as I got the same problem in PWMAngband. In get_moves():

	/* Monster groups try to surround the player */
	if (!done && rf_has(mon->race->flags, RF_GROUP_AI) &&
		square_isview(c, mon->fy, mon->fx)) {
		int i, yy = mon->ty, xx = mon->tx;
But in get_moves_advance():

	/* If the monster can pass through nearby walls, do that */
	if (monster_passes_walls(mon) && !near_permwall(mon, c)) {
		return false;
	/* Set the target */
	if (found_direction) {
		mon->ty = my + ddy_ddd[best_direction];
		mon->tx = mx + ddx_ddd[best_direction];
		return true;
So mon->ty and mon->tx, which are used to calculate where AI_GROUP monsters will surround the player, are not set for ethereal hounds, and the game picks up a bogus location.

The best (and easiest) way to fix this is probably to let ethereal hounds go straight at the player by disabling the "surround the player" code for them ("get the player out of corridors" code is already disabled).
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