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Minor niggles:

Confusion attacks (bedlam in this case) can give "It looks confused" for targets that are out of LOS

and on the other hand

Spear of Light spells give out-of-LOS messages for creatures you should (now) be able to see


Also, confusion doesn't seem to be stopping monsters from using spells
The ogre shaman conjures up scary horrors
The ogre shaman is no longer confused

I think there must be a logic inversion in the item generation algorithm. So far I have found 3 of the useful dungeon spellbooks way OOD, and none of the other class. If the RNG was working properly these would all be the useless class.


I currently have an 'unidentified object' sorted to the middle of the item list rather then the end. When I get there I'll note what it is. I'm sure this is leaking some sort of info it shouldn't.

.. I think it was an item that had been picked up by something?

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