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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
ok while that's indisputable, you can't just read a scroll of Take Me Down To Dungeon Level 99 and expect to win because "it's only one level i have to take care of".

running through the dungeon gives you the various tools you need to win the game - experience, stats, consumables, and equipment. the more of these you have, the more likely you are to win and, more importantly, to not die.

in addition, the game has a set of gates which you cannot pass without some specific gear, be it invisible monsters, stat/xp drain, speed, passwall, confusion, and simple damage output.
The only "gates" that MUST be passed are killing Sauron, then Morgoth.

If it's not forced descent, my typical @ spends a bit of time at levels 1-3, identifying the common consumables and ignoring most of the useless items; trying to get Free Action (usually a level feeling of 4), and, if lucky, a 'Thanc dagger (usually a level feeling of 6 at those shallow depths). If those are covered, then @ dives, using ?Deep Descent and every down stair until stat-gain territory (DL30+). Slowly working down, @ tries to find stat-gain potions and carefully selects monsters to kill for experience. Once stats seem sufficiently high, @ again dives as close to DL98 as possible. Careful play at DL97-98 nets quick experience and fantastic gear improvements. Once ready, @ tries to kill Sauron and then Morgoth in quick succession.

Not nearly as fast as some, but still pretty fast. The philosophy I discussed at length at
I like that post so much, I think it should be a "sticky" post.
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