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a few minor bugs (?), mostly related to traps

Hi Nick & Co,

Some loose notes about what I presume to be bugs.
I'm pretty sure these were not mentioned earlier in this thread.

Just in case it matters: I'm playing on a laptop with numpad under Windows 7, with the program extracted from (the one where sound does not work). I don't play with graphic tiles.

  • a minor bug in trap disarming:
Characters earn xp for disarming on all levels, except on levels 1 to 4.
The formula used for xp gain from trap disarming is dlev/5.
That should be (1+dlev/5) or (dlev+4)/5, depending on how much exp you want to give for disarming a trap on level 5*k.

in cmd-cave.c::do_cmd_disarm_aux():
    power = cave->depth / 5;
    player_exp_gain(player, power):
  • an anomaly with traps and blindness/darkness:
When my troll rogue reads a scroll of darkness on level 1, nearby (already spotted) traps (at distance 2 or less) are still shown on the screen, but any other (spotted) traps in the room disappear from view. This happens both with a torch and with a lantern as light source.
When the pc regains sight and walks around, the "darkened" traps reappear (without a message) when the tile comes into view.
Same thing when the whole room is lit up again.

  • semi-detection of undetectable traps via trap disabling:
It is currently possible (for a rogue pc) to "semi-detect" undetected adjacent traps via the "disable traps" spell in spell book 2. The traps do not become visible, so you do not learn their precise location, but the message does reveal what kind of traps are disabled, so if there is only 1 undetected trap, you can find out where it is by trying. For if you step on such a hidden but disabled trap, there is a message "You hit a trap!", but no further consequence. (Nor is the trap revealed.)
If all the disabled traps are undetected, there is no message or visual clue when the "grace period" ends, and the trap(s) become active again.
All this may be intentional, and even if it's not, it may be fitting for a class that is traditionally supposed to be "the master of traps and locks", but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

  • An anomaly in id-by-use:
Suppose that the pc finds a batch of unknown (say, "wrinkled") mushrooms, but decides not to eat one yet, and drops them again. Then, later on, some monster drops another one, which the pc eats. Say, it's a mushroom of vigor.
Then the knowledge menu shows an entry for mushrooms of vigor, with a proper description. And if you 'l'ook at the first found batch, they are now also "mushrooms of vigor". So far, so good.
But if you pick that first batch up, and inspect them, you get no other info than "It can be eaten."
It does not help to eat one of these. But if you find some more later on, and pick them up so that the stacks merge, the anomaly is gone.
This is not specific for mushrooms. It think it happens with all flavored items. (I observed it with scrolls too.)

  • recognizing runes from afar
My h-elf rogue just detected an onyx ring in a distant room. When he 'l'ooks at it again, and hits 'r', without ever having had it in LoS, the
game reports (in a popup):
an Onyx Ring <+4>
Found lying on the floor at 950 feet (level 19)

+4 to speed
Can be destroyed by lightning.
This does not seem consistent with the rule that, to "see" a pval, the pc must have picked up the object, or stand over it.
It may be hard to repair though, without entirely removing the option to 'r'ecall distant, detected objects. Which I most definitely would not want. Perhaps you could block 'r' on items that are not fully known yet? With a message like "This item does not look familiar."?

That's it for now.
Keep up the good work!
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