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More on traps: right now the trap detection is a simple state model: failed detection, unknown, or known. When it first comes into LOS it moves from unknown to one of the two other states. It moves from failed to known when you either trigger it or cast the mage detection spell.
Instead of the flag value for "failed", I propose turning it into an integer representing distance. You get another check at each nearer distance. That prevents the whole "searching" dilemma, while still rewarding players with bright light or who use rods of light. Further, make detection probability go down with distance. You can use 1/d (giving logarithmic behavior) or a sum of fractional powers, with a fixed upper limit on detection probability. ( E.g. 1+.5+.25+... <= 2.)
The other issue is that detection probability for certain classes (*cough* Paladin) is simply too low given the unavailability of a spell. It's no fun to be triggering essentially every single trap.
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