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Here's something I've asked for ages (seen in 7.0.2 and older versions):

Apparently, players can use the '<' (instead of the intended '>') command to swap from the wilderness World Map to the Normal Map (applies to PCB on webserver and offline). This means '<' can serve as dual-purpose to swap between map modes.

Anyone know if this was intended / feature or a bug?

FYI, we know the in-game manual says to use '>' (i.e. the intended key). Players might use '<' accidentally anyway during gameplay (i.e. fat-finger, etc). Of note, there is no difference in turncount either way, unless a wilderness encounter occurs. When a wilderness encounter happens, very small additional turncounts are taken. But otherwise, they're the same! I brought this up earlier because I thought using '<' resulted in lower turncount than '>'. But, I proved to myself that this isn't the case. I can prove they're the same again on, if anyone requests!
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