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Thank you very much for answers!

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post

"I would be fun to have an option to be able to go outside to the wilderness"

Impossible. No_wilderness means there's nothing outside town + dungeon. And there's no way to generate it in this mode.
I suppose then the easiest solution is just to use 'wilderness mode', but add there 'a dungeon' which would be the same as 'no_wilderness' town.. If server admin wish to use such setup - he could place entrance to this dungeon at Hobbiton (just generate object with & menu - staircase to this dungeon). It would be awesome solution.

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
"troubles with game performance"
Always or that's because the time bubble (low hps)? Never tested with Linux so I don't know...
It seems EdginLarsen fixed it atm. He also wrote a guide how to play on linux, but its in Russian (translation in progress).

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
"PowerWyrm, as a developer/maintainer please could you declare policy considering adding stuff to PWMAngband initial package"
Easy. I'll deliver a package that is conform to what I play and enjoy, because I like playing my own games in turn based mode too, then customisation is totally free on servers.
Dev Q&A continues.. Do you plan to put PWMAngband sources to github so more developers would be able to contribute the code?


Server updates could be found @ (currently we rebalancing stores)
And don't forget to join our Discord, guys:



1) Most important: please could you assign 'birth_no_selling' option to server .cfg; currently it's optional rule which player could define at chacater creation screen. Having players with both 'selling' options on server makes it almost impossible to rearrange economy balance.

2) is it possible in future to add an option to restrict magic mapping radius the same way as EPS now restricted? (limited_esp .cfg option)

3) is it possible in future to add more different flags for stores? Now there is 'always' flag (spawn 40 stack of 40 items) and 'normal' (ocassionaly spawn 1-10 times). It would be fun to have something like this:
- always (spawn 10-20 items) // currently having always 40 items sounds quite anti-RPG style, moar rng!
- normal (5-10 items)
- rare (1-5 items)
- unique (1 item)

4) add an option to customize XBM (expensive black market) price. Currently it's x15 and it doesn't fit our server balance.

5) bug: there is a problem with 'normal' flag in BM. It seems it doesn't work. 'always' works alright.



in .cfg:
# Option: set the speed of the game, in frames per second.
# In 0.7.0, the framerate has been increased by a factor of five relative
# to the earlier game versions.
FPS = 75

Why fps was rearranged to 75 and how does it incluence gameplay? It I'll rearrange this value to 60, how it would influence the game?
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