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I rarely collect ?RoP in regular games. Unless you have tons of !*healing* potions, I would hold onto the !Life potion. I would not hold onto armors with low AC. AC is king in warrior, in my opinion. It pretty much trumps all non-essential high resistances. Or put another way, one high (non essential) resist is worth about 14AC. Hithlomir (as I recall) has too big of an AC penalty to be worth lugging around as a warrior.

Nonessential resists, (in my extensive experience as warrior) during late game are in order of unimportance:
rDark, (more important in early/mid game than very late game)
rShards (don't forget the Gelugon breathes shards!),
rNether, IMO hLife is more important than rNether

I would value pConf at about 25AC (unless you have *really* high AC). In other words, I will wear armor that gives me a total of 175AC but no pConf over armor that gives me a total of 150AC and pConf (all other things being equal). There's not that many things that chain confuse; just avoid them. The higher AC is so useful for all other fights. This edict becomes more true the faster you are and less true the slower you are (if you have speed issues, the pConf is more valuable).

I would hold onto a good (slays undead powerfully) weapon if you find one as a swap. It's worth the precious inventory slot in my opinion.

I've always had the same concern as you with regards to rDisenchant. Fortunately, I never have to fight the bosses without it, and often play very fast games and always with forced descent (I often find crucial gear on DL99 during fast dives).

If you're having trouble finding gear, get that slay undead weapon and farm drops! If I'm powerful but missing some key resistance or consumables I'll use a staff of summoning in a safe place and recharge it with any recharging scrolls lying around (say after clearing an A pit). Killing the manageable uniques or greater undead or greater dragons summoned yields good drops in this (somewhat) controlled fashion. Only do it if you're powerful, though, or desperate! It's a pretty fun way to play ironman. (obviously don't do it if you don't have a dispensable amount of Teleport other). As a warrior I like killing things, so yeah, I just kill everything I know I can manage for drops and TO what isn't worth the trouble, which are:
The Terrasque
Ancalagon the Black
Huan (nasty breaths)
Carcharoth (nasty breaths)
Kronos (nasty breaths)
Atlas (500+ damage per round is possible)
Arien (stunning might)
Osse (nasty breath)
Radagast (nasty fists, nasty inventory destruction)
Polyphemus (destroys objects, destroys inventory).
Greater Balrgos (stunning might/drains)
Osyluth (might even put him above greater balrogs)
Pit fiends (summons/breaths)
Gelugon (ice/shards breaths)
Wyrm of Many Colors (too many HPs and AC)
Greater Titans (scary fists)
Wyrms of Balance (HP/AC)
Jabberwock if I don't have rChaos (unless I have stupid-good damage output)

Horned Reapers moves a lot up and down on this depending on my damage output and my AC. I'm usually crushing them in the late game, tho.

Everyone else is pretty much open season. When I'm sufficiently strong, I reserve banish scrolls for item destroyers in vaults rather than choas/time/aether hounds. Aether hounds are rarely ever manageable/worth fighting, though.

Targets I go after:
most dragons
all Undead (obviously want to be strong before going after Faegwaeth and the likes).
Once I've graduated from having wands/staves in my inventory the cyan and brown Ls are good targets.
Dreads and dreadmasters are nice.
Vs and Ws you're resistant to.

Just about all Undead are good targets (unless you don't slay undead powerfully). I can never remember if it's nightwalkers or nightcrawlers that disenchant, though.

rDisenchant is fairly common in randarts (I don't play standarts anymore). Belthronding, which has rDisenchant, is fairly common to find. I assume you are checking non-artifacts for rDischentant? It can show up on any piece of Elvenkind armor or Aman cloaks. Obviously Preservation shields are nice, especially mithril ones with stupid amounts of AC!

My favorite weapon as a Warrior is the Great Axe of Aule I believe it's called. Trident of Wrath in mid to mid/late game is awesome, though.

If you come to the Sauron fight and you're nervous about it, kill his entourage first.

Oh, I would keep the damage ring. If you find a high dex bow and high dex gloves you will be happy that you did!

You can start reading toward the end of my very verbose Ironman account if you like: I'd scroll down towards the bottom of the linked post to the penultimate pic with the paragraph below it: "Now I'd just like to make a point that I'm almost ready to fight Sauron and I didn't need to go to the bottom of the dungeon to get what I need." It chronicles some of the classic inventory issues one runs into while Ironmanning, among other things. Man, I didn't realize how overdetailed that account was. Basically a novella.

I'm rereading it now and I forgot how fortunate my @ was. Lots of good drops!
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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