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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Thanks - this has been reported before, but I keep forgetting it. It's now filed as a bug.
Awesome. Playing around more with the necromancer class, I noticed that the "command" spell does LOS checks for the player but not the monster - so in a situation where the player can see two monsters, one of which is under the player's control, but the monsters cannot see each other, it is possible for the monster under player control to cast spells targeting the other monster without having LOS.
Similarly, if the player has sight of the controlled monster, but cannot see another monster which is in LOS of the controlled monster, it is impossible to target this other monster.

edit: Although I assumed the command spell wouldn't work on uniques, I just successfully cast it on Ungoliant. On attempting a (non-magic) attack on another monster, Angband crashes with the message: "Error in flag_on(lore->flags, hurt_flag): FlagID[0] Size[11] FlagOff[4294967295] FlagBV[128]"

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