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New builds on the nightlies page with the following changes:
  • Mages and druids (the monsters) no longer evil
  • Adopted Grotug's description for the blood falcon
  • Great wyrms of chaos and law are back
  • Ossė is back, a bit deeper and a bit nastier
  • Some fixes to pits that weren't working because of monster changes (thanks mrfy)
  • A couple more changes of monster colour
  • Priests marked as having the right number of books (thanks PowerWyrm)
  • Teleport description fixed (thanks Estragon)
  • No teleport curse now prevents teleport to and teleport level (thanks Thraalbee)
  • Fixed radius description in spellbooks (thanks mrfy)
  • Randarts nerfed a bit

Let me know how randarts are going now. I have just done a quick fix*, and I have plans to have a more thorough look at generation method.

*For those interested in the detail, the current method of assigning power for an artifact of a particular type (sword, cloak, etc) is
  1. Calculate the average, minimum and maximum power of the standard artifacts of the given type
  2. Pick a power by sampling from a normal distribution with mean the average just calculated, and assuming that the maximum is M standard deviations above the mean, and the minimum is m standard deviations below
I have just changed from M=3 and m=2.5 to M=m=2.
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