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Additional bugs, 3.1.0

1. With *ID* eliminated, you shouldn't charge the base price in stores for ego items. In particular:
A Crown of Magi {ESP}
shouldn't cost less than
A Helm of Telepathy

With full ID, ego item values need to include the randart valuation of the hidden power.

2. Destroy command for multiple objects should accept a _valid_ numeric (or '*') response without further validation ('y' is redundant.)

3. 100% disarm and 100 disarm are NOT the same. (100% disarm is around 150, IIRC.)

4. Drops of wimpy monsters and drops of good monsters are indistinguishable at depth. Just cleared an orc pit at dl 69 and got Hammerhand, Rohirrim, Dal-i-Thalion, a Holy Avenger (+3), and no stat potions. Killing a Bile Demon got a junk-ego item.

BTW: having the max spell fail rate at 50% is a good improvement.

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